The opening stories

L’Antipasto di Bianca con affettati toscani e selezione di formaggi locali, verdure casalinghe e fantasia di crostini

Bianca’s  appetiser with cold cuts, local cheese, crunchy vegetables and mixed bruschetta 16 €

La condivisione dei gusti

Coccini di salse calde per crostini

Toasted bread with hot Tuscan sauces to make your own bruschetta 11 €

Coccole con prosciutto crudo e formaggio cremoso

Fried dough with parma ham and cream cheese 12 €

Selezione di formaggi locali con confettura fatta in casa e il nostro miele

Local cheese with our jam and honey 12 €

The story of first courses

Risotto ortica e gorgonzola

Nettle and gorgonzola risotto 13 €

Gnocchi Belmonte con salsiccia e salsa al tartufo

Belmonte gnocchi with sausage and truffle sauce 16 €

Lasagne fatte in casa al ragù toscano

Handmade classic lasagne with traditional Tuscan ragout 14 €

Lasagne fatte in casa alle verdure dell’ orto

Handmade lasagne with vegetable sauce 13 €

Ravioli mugellani di patate al ragù toscano

Potato ravioli with Tuscan ragout 14 €

Ravioli ripieni alle verdure al pomodoro fresco

Ravioli stuffed with vegetables with fresh tomato sauce 14 €

Our traditional soups/stews

Ribollita toscana

Tuscan vegetable stew with organic vegetables 10 €

Pappa al pomodoro

Traditional dish with bread and our organic tomato sauce 10 €

Zuppa di cipolle con crostini croccanti

Onion soup with crunchy croutons 9 €

The tales of the main courses

Tagliata di manzo rucola e grana

Sliced beef steak with rocket and parmigiano cheese 18 €

Cinghiale alla cacciatora con olive nere

Wild boar stew with our organic olives, picked from our lands 13 €

“La regina” Bistecca alla fiorentina

The Queen: Florentine beef steak 48 € / kg

Tagliata di suino toscano all’aceto balsamico con radicchio trevigiano stufato

Sliced Tuscan pork steak drizzled with balsamic vinegar and stewed Treviso chicory 16 €

Coniglio alla Vernaccia di San Gimignano

Rabbit scented with white Vernaccia wine from San Gimignano 14 €

Fagioli all’ uccelletto rifatti con la salsiccia

Stewed beans with sausage and tomato 15 €

Insalatona Vegetariana

Large, mixed vegetarian salad from our garden 12 €

Parmigiana di melanzane

Aubergine parmesan 12€

Il fritto dell’aia

Mixed farmer’s fry up with chicken, rabbit and vegetables 19€

La Trippa

Warning! Only for local gourmand: tripe (stomach lining of a cow) 15 €


Fagioli all’uccelletto

White beans in a tomato based sauce 6,50 €

Patate arrosto

Roast potatoes 6 €

Verdurine fritte

Fried vegetables 6 €

Erbette saltate

Sautéed herbs 6 €

Patate fritte

Fries 5 €

Insalata mista

Mixed salad 5 €


Desserts of the day made with love by Divina 7 €

Our pizzas.
Made with natural leavend dough for 72 hours.


Mozzarella and tomato pizza 9 €

Prosciutto e Funghi

Ham and mushroom pizza 12 €

4 stagioni

The 4 seasons pizza – ham, mushrooms, olives and artichockes 12 €

Pizza ai formaggi

Pizza with a selection of various cheeses 12 €

Pizza Belmonte con prosciutto cotto e salsa al tartufo

Pizza with ham and truffle sauce 14 €

Salamino Piccante

Spicy salami pizza 12 €

Würstel 12 €


Vegetarian pizza 12 €

The children’s menu always available

Special events

Giro Pizza

BBQ night

Wine tasting

Dinner with live music

Your Opinions

We had lunch at the farm’s outdoor restaurant, together with friends, with all their children. The view is spectacular and also the cuisine is really excellent (super good pappardelle with wild boar!). It is the ideal place for spending a relaxing day surrounded by nature!

June 2nd party spent with family and friends in a fantastic place, in contact with animals and the nature…we enjoyed everything the excellent restaurant of Belmonte Vacanze had to offer, in addition to guaranteeing a beautiful view of the Tuscan hills, we ate divinely (with very kind and friendly staff attentive to the needs of children). Highly recommended!

We spent a day in this farmhouse with an adjoining restaurant. We ate very well
with ingredients that felt were of quality. Very polite staff and helpful… stunning culinary. A wonderful place for a wonderfully romantic dinner for two.

Ristorante Nonna Bianca

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